How to write an essay in English?

In the introduction it is necessary to designate the main idea. For example, you can take a quote in English and correctly use it in the introduction. Simply put, the introduction should be concise and concise. In the main part of the essay in English it is necessary to present the arguments, refutation of your thoughts, which are outlined in the introduction. Here you can give examples that reveal your idea, point of view. Try writing in your own words without book clichés. You can use about 10% of the whole essay as a linking word, but the cliché itself should not be “dazzling” throughout the English text. The English text looks very good if you use a large number of adjectives, adverbs, synonyms of verbs, and not the same verbs in each phrase.

What you need to remember when writing text in English

⎯ No one wants to read boring, bookish text. If the teacher or at work would like to receive such a text, then they would have taken a ready-made book of a scientific nature.
⎯ All parts must be logically related, flow smoothly. Think about it yourself, if at the beginning you talked about an environmental problem, in the middle you are already discussing the topic of floods and in conclusion about domestic animals.
⎯ Observe the grammar tense. If you started writing in one tense, then try to use it throughout the entire text, or at least agree on the tenses.
⎯ Check spelling with special services.
⎯ Look carefully at the text for the presence of extra commas, a tautology.

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